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Americans Dominate Canadian Nationals
The UWP-IJSBA National Tour head north of the border to Belle River, Ontario for the 2nd Annual Canadian Nationals on July 16-17, 2011, sponsored by NautWaukin Racing and R&D Powersports 

Pro-Am Runabout Open

The UWP-IJSBA National Tour started off the weekend with the Pro-Am Runabout Open class, anyone who was sitting on the beach is now standing with eyes glued to the starting line, and teeth clenched waiting for the exciting racing action begin. The spectators listen for the pro riders to start their loud engines and let loose towards the first buoy. Dustin Charrier has the pole and gets the hole shot. Trey Frame fights his way up to the lead and wins the first Pro-Am Runabout Open motto of the weekend. Dustin Charrier finished in second and Dustin Farthing a close third.  


The second day of the Canadian Nationals was such a blast! The racing for the day got even more exciting! The second motto for the pro-am runabout open was a nail biter. Aero, the 16year old Indonesian racer got a great hole shot! Farthing started in third and worked his way up to the lead super fast, leaving Aero in second to battle it out with Trey Frame. Farthing and Aero had half a track lead when Aero's boat died on the last lap inches before the finish line, letting Trey Frame and Dustin Charrier zoom right past him to get the checkered. Dustin Farthing finishes in first, Trey Frame in second and Erminio Iantosca in third. Aero got his boat started again and finishes in fourth. Trey Frame was heard saying that he could not believe that just happened! The third motto of the weekend adds up to the overall. The number one spot went to the "King" Dustin Farthing, Trey Frame comes in with a solid second, and Erminio Iantosca sneaks in to win third.

Hydro Turf Freestyle Report

12:00 on the dot the Hydro Turf Freestyle has begun. The three Pro Freestylers have a blast riding up and down the pier showing off their best moves. The spectators amazed as Jeremy Parr the winner of the day pulls out all his big tricks, right in front of their eyes! Jeremy Parr finishes number one with Jeff Bolte in close second and Scott Bonham right behind him in third. Everyone can't wait for more Freestyle tomorrow in Belle River Canada.


Saturday evening at 10:30 pm, the spotlights were lit as the freestyler from earlier today came out to do a show for the crowd. They WOWed the crowd as they did show-stopping flips and turns under the spot lights from the Pier


Sunday's Hydro Turf Freestyle went fantastic Jeremy Parr wins again, dominating the competition- impressing the freestyle judges! Jeremy not only was winner of the tour stop but he is also earned the title of National Champion here in Canada

Pro-AM Ski GP

On Saturday, the second race of the day is Pro-Am Ski GP. Rick Sherker sitting on the pole position and is ready to race. Jim Cebulski gets a wicked hole shot and leads all 12 laps for the win with Rick right behind him in second and Chris MacClugage to finish up the top three. This unexpected finish will be an exciting turn for the next two motto's tomorrow.


Day Two: All the Pro-Am Ski GP racers are lined up and ready to race! All the spectators are looking at the race track in awe, surprised how loud and fast these skis are! Cebulski starts out with the hole shot and leads about half the race, when Cebulski's ski broke and had to be towed in. It was very disappointing for Cebulski after working so hard in the first motto! This gave Rick Shierker and Rob Flores an open track taking first and second. Josh Block finishes in third with Chris Macclugage right behind him. The third motto finishes with an unexpected twist, with Macclugage finishing first, Cebulski in second and Rick Sherker in third. The overall win is Sherker for the number one, Macclugage in second and Cebulski pulls out a third. 

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Americans Dominate Canadian Nationals

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