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2011 Yamaha Waverunner FX Series SHO & HO

Fri, Jun/10/2011

2011 Yamaha FX® Series


Best-selling luxury performance model in the industry (FX Cruiser SHO®).

The SHO® Series features a 1.8L supercharged, Super High Output Yamaha marine

engine, the largest displacement engine in the industry.

The HO Series features a normally aspirated 1.8L High Output Yamaha marine


The industry’s only hulls, decks and liners engineered using nanotechnology for

strength and lightweight.

Cruiser® seat for maximum comfort on the FX Cruiser® HO and FX Cruiser SHO®.

The first models in the industry to feature No Wake Mode™ and Cruise Assist™.

The SHO Series is the most award winning personal watercraft in history.

The Yamaha FX® Series is the most technologically advanced personal watercraft in the

world, loaded with more “industry-first” innovations and exclusive features than any other

watercraft in PWC history. Designed for watercraft enthusiasts that demand classleading

performance and industry-best comfort features, the Yamaha FX Series has no


For 2011, the Yamaha FX Series includes the Yamaha FX® HO, FX Cruiser® HO, FX

SHO and “Watercraft of the Year” honoree, the Yamaha FX Cruiser® SHO.

The Yamaha SHO and HO Marine Engines

The heart of the Yamaha FX Series is the industry’s first and only 1.8L engine that is the

largest displacement motor ever designed for a PWC. The Yamaha SHO models feature

the 1.8-liter Yamaha Super High Output marine engine with a supercharger for

increased performance. The Yamaha HO models feature the Yamaha High Output

version that is non-aspirated for remarkable power and fuel economy.

Engine features include:

Cruise Assist™, Yamaha’s exclusive feature that reduces throttle fatigue, improves

towing capability, and can extend the range of touring.

Yamaha’s No Wake Mode™, which sets the engine to optimum no wake speed, is

especially convenient for marinas and long no wake zones.

Yamaha’s exclusive remote transmitter security system and Low RPM Mode™, which

can reduce fuel consumption by up to 26%.

Throttle by wire reverse system controls RPM in reverse gear for maximum thrust


All of the FX Series models are optimized to operate using Regular Unleaded Fuel.

Yamaha NanoXcel Hull and Deck

The FX Series features the industry’s first and only nanotechnology-engineered hulls,

decks, and liners that are the lightest and strongest in the market today.

Hull and deck features include:

Multifunction instrumentation featuring the industry’s only fuel flow meter.

Large comfortable three-person seat (Cruiser models feature Yamaha’s exclusive

Cruiser® seat).

Adjustable steering and adjustable trim control allow the rider to dial in the ride of the

craft just the way they want it.

Integrated beverage holder and glovebox.

Convenient retractable reboarding ladder makes it easy to climb back on the

WaveRunner® after a quick swim.


The FX Cruiser SHO has won more awards than any other personal watercraft in

history. The unmatched performance of the Super High Output engine, the historymaking

ergonomics of Yamaha’s exclusive Cruiser® seat, the breakthrough nanoengineering,

and the luxury convenience features make the FX Cruiser SHO the

absolute best touring watercraft on the water.

Supercharged 1.8L Yamaha Super High Output marine engine.

Yamaha exclusive Cruiser® seat for ultra comfort for both passenger and driver.

Yamaha exclusive pull-up cleats.

Available in Yacht Blue Metallic or Bronze Metallic.


The sport edition of the SHO models keeps the attention on performance. Delivers the

same innovative features and advanced manufacturing as the Cruiser®, but with a more

aggressive body style and graphics.

• Supercharged 1.8L Yamaha Super High Output marine engine.

• Available in Metallic Racing Blue or Crimson Red Metallic.


Yamaha combined a bit of the best from each model to create the FX Cruiser HO. A

1.8L High Output engine, Cruiser® comfort, innovative touring features, class leading

fuel efficiency, and affordability come together seamlessly for a luxurious and

exhilarating ride.

1.8L Yamaha High Output marine engine.

Yamaha exclusive Cruiser® seat and three point contact system.

Yamaha exclusive pull-up cleats.

Available in Silver Metallic.


The Yamaha reputation continues to grow in the sport edition of the HO models.

Innovative and progressive, but with the reliability and value that only comes from

Yamaha. The FX HO features a more aggressive body style and graphics that exude

performance on and off the water.

1.8L Yamaha High Output marine engine.

Available in Eclipse Black.


Engine Type: 1812cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder Yamaha marine engine (SHO models

include supercharger)

Displacement: 1812cc

Impeller: 3 blade, stainless steel (17° pitch)

Length: 132.7”

Beam: 48.4”

Height: 45.7”

Fuel: 18.5 gallons, regular unleaded

Passenger Capacity: 1-3 (529 lbs.)

Storage Capacity: 23.7 gallons

Hull Material: NanoXcel High-Compression Molded Compound

Warranty: 1 year limited

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